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Quick start
Best way to start is to see an example Hello world
For unique features demonstration see Database with immutable data
Read about core concepts of Workspace and Context
For Apache Cassandra 10 support, see AquilesStorage for more details

For performance reports see Performance

Project Description
Immutable Object Graph database for .NET has following goals:
* enable native .NET objects to be stored anywhere
* thread safe objects using isolated workspaces
* multiple versions of the data
* object database for embedded and medium scale systems
* zero-configuration code first entity modelling
* query through object navigation and LINQ

Available options for object storage:
* storing data in flat file
* storing data in Apache Cassandra 10 cluster
* flexible towards using any other 3rd party key/value storage implementations
* easy switching between storages
* data migration and upgrade

Unobtrusive, managed and free
  • Implemented entirely in .NET C#
  • Usable from .NET 2.0 or later
  • Only one small DLL to be included, no other dependencies
  • Free to use and distribute in open source and commercial applications

Read through the Documentation for examples and explanations.

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