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AquilesStorage relies on project to connect with Apache Cassandra 10 instance as the underlying storage. It requires .NET version 4, and therefore is separated in assembly Execom.IOG.AquilesStorage.

Creating this type of storage is done with constructor:

var storage = new AquilesStorage.AquilesStorage("Test Cluster", "IOGKeyspace", "IOGFamily");

You must provide names for Apache Cassandra cluster, key space and column family which will contain the IOG data. You must create key space and column family from cassandra-cli or other means, because IOG will rely that these exist. It is recommended that separate column family is used for IOG storage, and separated from other data.

IOG will not create any key spaces or column families by itself, it will only create keys within given column family.

For improved performance in production, it is recommended to use BlankLogger in aquilesConfiguration in the app.config file:

<loggingManager>Execom.IOG.AquilesStorage.BlankLogger, Execom.IOG.AquilesStorage</loggingManager>

For a simple Apache Cassandra example, see Execom.IOG.Cassandra project in Examples folder.

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