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Performance measurements

Performance has been measured on 2.5 GHz desktop PC and using common desktop hard drive. All data was stored in a single flat file, and RAM memory was limited to around 300MB of in-memory cache.

Speed obviously would vary depending on the number of changes made in a single commit. Therefore, tests were made with different batch sizes, starting with 10000 inserts/updates/reads at once and testing down to 1.

Performance was measured using ObjectBenchmark application from Examples folder, running from zero to 1 million objects, with different batch sizes, and taking the average speed during the run:


Looking at speed how it behaves when starting from zero objects up to 1 million objects, for different batch sizes, it is noticeable that read speed drops after a while, due to limited read-cache of 300MB and random read access, while insert/update has fairly consistent performance:


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